Holy Land

The Home Of Islam's Sanctuaries

holy land tour

Saudi Arabia is a must for its Holy sites so we offer a complete package of Hajj and Umra. But we want to offer you a better experience than the traditional packages. With this in mind, it includes tours insides Makkah and Madinah (with historical insights, and meeting with locals), and famous places in Islam’s history, like Madyan (Shua’ib A.S), Mada’in Saalih (Saalih A.S.), Al-Hijr, Badr, Tabuk, and so on… More than an experience, this tour is a spiritual discovery.

The + Of this tour

Meet locals

A spiritual Journey…

Hajj and Umra are a duty for Muslims. We give you the best comfort to be attached to your spiritual bonds by helping you accomplish your duties and making you discover different places around the Harams that are directly linked to Islam’s history so that can be more connected with the Holy sites.

…A journey Beyond the holy sites

Saudi Arabia isn’t only home of the Makkah and Madinah, but also home of many places that is part of Islamic history. Did you already hear about Badr, Tabuk, Ta’if….? All those places are situated in Saudi Arabia. Come with us and discover the places where the Thamuds, the Madyans and other Prophets and people cited in the Holy Book lived.

Meet Locals

The reputation of Makkah and Madinah are well known throughout the ages. And it’s not just a reputation, that’s the truth! Kindness, hospitality, good manner are among their quality. We give you the opportunity to meet with locals, as men as women, dine with them, visits their homes and have activities with them. We want to give you a closer look of what is life inside the sanctuaries.