Discover a Timeless History


Offering a blend of historic and contemporary experiences, Saudi Arabia is a must-stop for people looking to immerse themselves in a timeless culture. Feel like a true explorer charting the unknown. From Hegra, build by the Nabataean civilization, to Al- Ahsa, largest Saudi oasis, passing by the Historical Diriyah, birthplace of the first Saudi state, visit what people call ” a living museum “.

The + Of This Tour


World Heritage

Discover the essence of Saudi Arabia, a mixture of diversity that has emerged from many human civilizations. Historical crossroads of pilgrims and traders, explore rock inscriptions and archeological cities dating back to more than 10.000 years.

Historical Trade Center

The Arabian Peninsula was the crossroads of the ancient world. Trade was crucial to the area’s development; caravan routes became trade arteries that made life possible in the sparsely populated peninsula. The people of the peninsula developed a complex network of trade routes to transport agricultural goods highly sought after in Mesopotamia, the Nile Valley and the Mediterranean Basin. These items included almonds from Taif, dates from the many oases, and aromatics such as frankincense and myrrh from the Tihama plain.

Living Museum

Located between the two great centers of civilization, the Nile River Valley and Mesopotamia. With ancient cities dotting desert landscapes and rock carvings from early civilizations, Saudi’s storied past is sketched on the land itself. Visiting Saudi’s historically landscapes and unique hidden gems is the best way to understand Arabian culture. From investigating the unique rock tombs of Hegra and the dunes of Al Ahsa to the Marble Village of Dhee Ayn, Saudi’s fascinating history is always on display.