Who are we?

We are young Saudian entrepreneurs, who like to share the experience of Saudi Arabia. As people living in a world where everything is connected, we are always asked how is Saudi Arabia? How does it look like to live there? Or simply do you ride camels? Be-Saudi.com is a platform to connect the world to Saudi Arabia, so just give us your hand and let’s go.

what do we want?


We would like to give you the best experiences about Saudi Arabia and for that we’ll make everything to show you the best of it.



Open your mind on a new world. Be ready to see and learn what you never did before. 


We want you to be as comfortable as you wish. That’s whay our team is dedicated to deliver to you the best services in your journey.

open the doors

Until now Saudi Arabia had been shrouded in mystery . Open the doors on a new world, a world of discoveries, adventures and share. Lift the veil on an over 5000-years-old civilization, just Be Saudi.

what do we offer?


From riding in the desert to freshen up in the oasis. From the unknown to the holy. Come and live what you never experienced before.


Saudi Arabia is unique in every sense of the word. It’s a land of memories. Once visited, you’ll always remember.


Discover what you always wonder, what you never expected. Countless sites, stories and experiences. Let us drive you in a journey that is timeless.

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